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Tháng Mười Hai 2018

Suggestions for the implementation of program focus on sociology from the course that is I of

Course focus on the course that is 1st carried call at the framework associated with control "Fundamentals of Sociology." The task is research for the abstract-analytical kind. It provides a systematic and complete critical summary of the literary works on a certain systematic issue, the analysis of materials regarding the problem area. It may analyze the reputation for the matter, the amount of elaboration of this issue in theory and training, identified via an analysis that is comparative of literature. The task will not includethe growth of tools plus the number of empirical data.

Development of student’s skills may be the task that is main of

Planning for the course work with the very first 12 months of research is geared towards growth of specific skills:

- formula and analysis of particular social issues in sociological terms;

- look for domestic and international systematic literary works on a specified subject;

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